Sunday, May 7, 2017

CTOMS FrontLine TTC Kit

FrontLine™ TTC™ Kit
Item code: 96021-C Base Kit

FrontLine™ w/3 Mag Shingle
Item code: 63000


The FrontLine™ TTC™ is intended to be mounted on the front of an PALS based armor carrier for rapid access by the care provider to medical equipment to treat casualties. Ideal for medics, Combat Lifesaver and TCCC trained soldiers.

Base Kit Contents:

1 x Olaes™ Modular Bandage 4", Flat Pack;
1 x Blast™ Bandage;
1 x CTOMS™ Trauma Shears;
1 x Gear Retractor and Lanyard;
1 x Kelly Forceps;
1 x FrontLine™ Pouch or Frontline™ Pouch, w/Mag Shingle
4 x WTFix™ Strap Long-CB / Malice Clip®, Long-BK

Default Recommended Complete Kit Contents:
1 x Base Kit;
2 x SOF® Tactical Tourniquet- Wide, Black;
2 x Celox™ Rapid;
1 x Celox™ -A Applicator;
1 x Nasopharygeal Airway: (Adj Flange 28 Fr);
1 x Nasopharyngeal Lubrication;
1 x Surgical Airway Set (S.A.S.™) Military;
1 x NuMask®IOM w/Valve;
2 x FoxSeal™;
2 x Pressure Release Needle - (PRN™), 14g;
4 x CTOMS™ Gloves, Large - 2 Pair;
4 x Scrubs® Wipes.

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