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Combat Trauma Bag CTB V3 - USMC

Combat Trauma Bag CTB V3 

The USMC Combat Life Saver Kit from North American Rescue has set the bar for mission specific casualty care platforms. By identifying the needs of the end user’s skill set, the CLS Kit's innovative design is able to capitalize on mobility, versatility and efficiency. Offering a large central compartment and multiple attachment points, the kit maximizes storage space while maintaining a compact profile.

The CTB-V3/CLS is constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura and Master Designed to meet or exceed all requirements and demands of US military Field Medical/Combat Lifesaver Providers. 

The versatility and rugged construction of the CTB-V3/CLS has made the first responder/Combat Lifesaver more efficient when assessing and taking care of casualties. The CTB-V3/CLS maximizes storage space and organization while maintaining a compact profile.

The trademark/patented CTB or Combat Trauma Bag version 3 was specifically designed and designated for the Marine Corps Combat Lifesavers. Manufactured and distributed by Recon Mountaineering USA.

LIST (2010)


Nasopharyngeal 22FR Airway management
Nasopharyngeal 26FR Airway management
Big Cinch Abdominal Dressing Treat abdominal wounds
H and H Compression Gauze Treat by packing wounds, securing SAMS Splints
Combat Gauze Hemostatic agent for bleeding wounds
Triangular Bandage Sling and Swath, securing splints
Water Jel Treat burn injuries
Bolin Chest Seal Treat sucking chest wounds
“H” Bandage Treat bleeding wounds, abdominal wounds
Gloves BSI
Needle, Decompression Chest decompression
Alcohol Pads Clean sites for Decompression
Shears, Trauma Removal of clothes
SAMS Splint Splinting extremities
4 x 4 Gauze Treat bleeding wounds
Strap Cutter Removal of boots
Tape Securing items

CAT Tourniquet Massive hemorrhage control 

Note: Items listed above can be used in multiple ways and not limited to items uses category.

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