Wednesday, May 10, 2017

BOP - Bophuthatswana Special Forces Backpack

BOP SF Backpack  - olive green

Here we have a rarely seen set of Bop Bophuthatswana Special Forces back-pack 

The Bop SF had a unique set of webbing and field-kit made up which seldom appear for sale or on auction - often only odd loose pieces come up - here is the chance to own the complete backpack and accompaniments.

Bop SF used a lighter olive green whilst the regular Bop army seems to have bee equipped with a more lime green backpack and patt 83 type 1 style battle-jacket and back-pack.

Although intended for an external frame this pack is built on (layout) on what seems to be a commercial Backpacker design very similar to their Boulder pack. Build quality and other twerks indicate backpacker as the manufacturer - no tags present.

Please note the use of SADF nutria cordura as the internal reinforcing layer on this pack!

The main compartment is divided into 2 main areas and has a zip-out divider.3

The previous owner has removed the metal zip-pulls and replaced such with para cord pulls (as a noise cancelling measure).

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