Friday, May 26, 2017

6B46 - Russian Assault Chest Rig System

Ratnik (Russian: Ратник; Warrior) is a Russian future infantry combat system. It is designed to improve the connectivity and combat effectiveness of combat personnel in the Russian Armed Forces. Improvements include modernised body armour, a helmet with a special eye monitor (thermal, night vision monocular, flashlight), communication systems, and special headphones. It includes 10 subsystems and 59 individual items. As of October 2016, it has already seen in combat use.

Technikom is a Russia-based producer that have been supplying to Russian military forces for two decades, their products are Made in Russia, used by Russian forces, which means these items have been tested in field to prove they work and will stand up to the beatings of any kind.

UMBTS is a new infantry equipment system adopted by the Russian military to improve the fighting capabilities of their infantry forces, it adopts the standard Molle system items, which reduces the overall weight and allows more flexibility for fulfilling mission requirements.

Ratnik infantry system is the upgrade from UMBTS system, which is part of the next generation fighting equipment system, that further improves the user friendliness and is slowly replacing the older UMBTS system with feedbacks from the battlefield of Syria.

The Technikom Molle Platform 6B46 (BNZ) in Digital Flora is part of the new Russian military Ratnik system as a lightweight plate carrier/ chest rig system that is designed to accommodate Molle or UMBTS system pouches.

It utilizes a system that is an improved version of the well established Eagle RRV system, consists of the chest rig, back panel, adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable waist straps. The BNZ consists of 2 armor pockets (back and front) and accommodates two ESAPI (M/L) or Granit plates and dedicated kevlar soft armor inserts, shoulder straps are lined with soft cushioning inserts. It also features a dorsal bridge equipped with quick-release buckle supplied without armor plates or pouches.

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