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Russian Army Package Dressing Individual (ППИ)

Пакет перевязочный индивидуальный (ППИ)
Package Dressing Individual (PPI)

Пакет перевязочный индивидуальный ППИ(Э)-(10)
Package dressing individual ППИ (Э) - (10)

The package dressing PPI-E is a special compression bandage for dressing wounds. It is elastic and can play the role of a pressure bandage, or a compression bandage, and can also be used as a sorbent cervical ligation.


Individual PPI PPI is designed to provide first aid in case of injuries with heavy bleeding. It can be used for dressing wounds for injuries on the battlefield, accidents, accidents and DPT, domestic and tourist injuries and other situations.


PPI-E is a medical bandage created in the image and likeness of the world-famous Western analogue the so-called Israeli bandage. The name, as you might guess, is deciphered quite simply: E - means Elastic.
PPI-E is intended to replace the Individual Dressing Packets of the IPP-1 type, which are often unable to cope with serious injuries and severe injuries with extensive blood loss.

Thanks to the combination of the functions of the usual bandage, elastic bandage, compression bandage and absorbent (sorption) dressings, the individual dressing package of the PPI-E can quickly cope even with severe and wide wounds. This makes it extremely useful in the military sphere, for example, with gunshot wounds and MW (mine-blasting injuries).


The individual dressing package of the "E" version is packed in a two-layer sealed protective package. The upper (first) layer is made of a dense foil film. It serves to protect from bad weather and external influences. On the sides there are special cuts, through which it is possible to easily perform an autopsy.

The inner (second) layer is made of a polymer film with vacuum evacuated air. It serves for additional protection and saves the space occupied by the package.

Thanks to this double sealed packaging, the IPP-E is ideal for military, tourist and marching applications. He is not afraid of dirt, water, precipitation and unfavorable external conditions. Even if the outer packaging is accidentally punctured or torn - the inner one will remain intact, which will preserve the purity of the bandage (bandages) and the dryness of the absorbent pads.

What it consists of:

The dressing package PPI-E-10 consists of two main parts:

1) Static sorption pads.

It is superimposed on the wound and absorbs blood.

2) Fixing elastic bandage bandages.

It is used for dressing wounds and fixing pads. Due to the longitudinal weaving, the bandage is elastic only towards the winding (in length) and does not stretch sideways (in width). It is very convenient for dressing and allows you to adjust the degree of tension - first you can strongly stretch the bandage, creating pressure on the wound and the necessary compression ratio, and then just wrap a few rounds (layers) around, creating an additional blood-absorbing layer. At the end of the bandage is Velcro Velcro, which you can fix the free end of the bandage for itself.

Instructions for the use of PPI-E:

1) Place a static (immobile) absorbent pad over the wound site, leaving the end of the bandage with the hinge freely hanging.

2) Without unwinding, thread the twisted bandage through the loop-hole.

3) Tie the bandage until the pad is firmly pressed against the wound.

4) Carry out the re-wounding of the wound over the pads, stretching the bandage to create compression (pressure).

5) Size the bandage in the opposite direction (turn it 180 or 360 degrees), creating a loop over the wound site

6) Continue bandaging in the opposite direction until you reach the loop. Push the rest of the bandage into the loop and make a pull to create additional pressure on the wound

7) Finish bandaging and fix the bandaged bandage at the end of the bandage.

Composition: absorbent pad static, textile elastic bandage, Velcro textile velcro for securing and fixing bandage


Dimensions in the packed condition: ~ 8x12x6 cm (length-width-height)

Bandage width: 10 cm, bandage length - elastic (stretches).

Dimensions of the pillow: 10x17 centimeters

Number of pillows: one, static

Weight: ~ 94 grams

Color: gray-white-green

Manufacturer: Russia

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