Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rhodesian South African Pattern 61/64 type canteen water bottle

This canteenis the same style as the Pattern 61 and/or Pattern 64 and/or Pattern 61/64 South African waterbottle, which was also used by the Rhodesian military, but without the plastic surround/case (which was used as a cup and funnel) and straps, which were often removed by individuals or were damaged and discarded over the course of the war(s). Like the early SADF canteens, this canteen was made in Austria. This spun aluminum canteen holds one liter and has a green plastic cap.

It has been painted with Rhodesian camouflage green on the neck and part of the cap. The painting on this canteen was not originally done during the bush has been somewhat recently painted and one might call it "Fauxdesian"

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