Monday, November 21, 2016

Swedish Army Battle Belt Type 304K

Stridsbälte 304K
Stridsbälte 304K m/90 komplett.

Combat Harness
M 7390-304011

Battle Belt 304K

Swedish army combat belt, now replaced by combat vest 2000. Very good combat belt that is still very smooth. Included is belt ok, two rymmliga pockets (works to 5:56, 7.62 and Kalashnikov magazines), cases of bottled water (0.7 liters) and two brackets (hanging on the back, see picture).

Dimensions / bag:

Height: 22cm
Width: 17cm
Depth: 7cm


Sele, bälte, 
2 fickor, 

1 fodral till vattenflaska och flaska.

Harness, belt,
fastening straps,
2 pockets,
1 case for water bottle and bottle.

Vattenflaska m/90

Väska vattenflaska m/90
Waterbottle Cover

Cell Cell Cell


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