Friday, November 25, 2016

Russian Army Individual dressing package IPP-1

Индивидуальный перевязочный пакет ИПП-1
Individual dressing package IPP-1

Purpose: to provide first self and mutual assistance in case of accidents, accidents, natural disasters and other dangerous situations, including in the center of military operations
Description: The individual dressing package-1 consists of a bandage (7m x 10cm), two pads, one of which is sewn to the bandage, and the other is free to move around the bandage, and a sealed casing.

Package contents:
Bandage-cushion from non-woven cloth is movable, from non-woven cloth-fixed, gauze bandage
Safety pin
2-layer packaging: internal - from parchment, external-rubberized material

Method of application: 

the pads of the dressing package are superimposed on the injured area one near the other (in one layer) or one on the other (in two layers), possibly on the incoming and outgoing hole of the wound channel, and bandage so that the subsequent course of the bandage overlaps halfway the previous course of the bandage.

Individual dressing package (PPI) is a sterile bandage used to stop bleeding, close burns and wounds while providing the first self-help and mutual assistance.
In peacetime, the stock of individual dressings should be in sanitary bags, at medical aid points and at posts.

The individual dressing package includes: a gauze bandage 10 cm wide and 7 meters long, two cotton-gauze pads with a size of 17.5x32 cm, one pillow rigidly fixed at a distance of 12 to 17 centimeters from the end of the bandage, the other can be moved to the desired distance by bandage if necessary . Pillows and bandage wrapped in parchment paper, in the fold of which is a safety pin. To preserve sterility, all contents are packed in an outer hermetic (air-and waterproof) shell made of rubberized fabric. A brief instruction and a manufacturing date indicate the package envelope.

Guarantee period of storage IPP - 5 years.

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