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Swedish Army Optimus Soldier Stove 09

Soldatkök 09

SOLDATKÖK 09, K M2824-064011-7

At the end of 2007, the Swedish Optimus company was integrated into the Swiss Katadyn Group. Since its formation in Stockholm in 1899, Optimus has been developing and improving its products to become the clear first choice of demanding users throughout the world.

A more specialist product range for more extreme conditions is the OPTIMUS SOLDIER STOVE 09. This personal cooking system has been developed for the Swedish Armed forces and became operational during 2010. It will also be used by EU’s rapid deployment force (Nordic Battle Group 11). It combines a range of fuelling options to ensure cooking is possible when temperatures plummet.

The major benefits of the Soldier Stove are: 

  • Four season usage with an operational temperature range of -40⁰C to +45⁰C 
  • Light weight and small pack volume
  • Easy to use and minimum requirement of training 
  • Operational flexibility, possibility to bring only parts of the system on a missiondepending on climate, altitude, length of mission etc. 
  • Durability with no anticipated need for field maintenance or repair 

The Soldier Stove is of modular design and consists of an Optimus Crux Lite gas burner, an alcohol burner, a cooking pot, cutlery, a fire-resistant and multifunctional cloth, and other useful cooking accessories. Also included in the set are Micropur tablets for treating drinking water. As most components are made of titanium or hard-anodized aluminum, the whole set weighs less than one kg (excluding fuel) and fits into a small bag. With this modular system, the troops will be optimally equipped for any assignment, be it a short-term or a long-term mission in hot or in cold climate zones.

The specific components of Soldier Stove 09 are: 

  • Optimus Crux Lite Gas Burner 
  • Alcohol Burner with pot support 
  • Alcohol Burner pot support 
  • Fire steel lighter 
  • Titanium cooking pot 1.0 L with lid 
  • Hard anodized aluminium cooking pot 0.95 L 
  • Wire suspension device for pots - Windshield 
  • Fuel bottle 0.4 mL for ethanol/methanol 
  • Gas cartridge 100 g 
  • Cleaning/Fire Protection Cloth 
  • Foldable drinking cup 
  • Titanium cutlery set (knife, fork and long spoon) 
  • Tin opener of stainless steel 
  • Micropur Forte water purification tablets (100 pcs) 
  • Stuff bags

Technical Data Soldier Stove 09 

Approximate weight of Soldier Stove 09: 1.4 kg (including fuels) Weight of gas burner, pot 1 L, gas canister (including storage bags): 420 g Weight of alcohol burner with holder, pot 1 L, filled fuel bottle (incl. storage bags): 725 g Dimensions packed: approx. 22 x 14 x 24 cm

Technical Data Gas Burner 

Fuel: gas canister with threaded self-sealing valve in accordance with EN 417 containing a mixture of butane/propane/isobutane
Weight: 72 g
Measurements folded: 75 x 57 x 55 mm
Rating: 4200 W as per CE-norm (corresponds to approx. 3000 W using gas canisters)
Burn time: up to 30 minutes at maximum output (using a 100 g gas canister)
Boil time (1 L of water): 3-5 min depending on climate, altitude, amount of fuel in canister etc. Injector size: 0.32 mm CE approval: CE-048BN-0045

Technical Data Alcohol Burner

Fuel: ethanol or methanol
Weight (including lid and simmer ring): 107 g
Measurements: 74 x 74 x 48 mm
Rating: approx. 1200 – 1400 W
Burn time: approx. 25 minutes on one filling (75 g of fuel)
Boil time (1 L of water): approx.. 15 minutes

Ett Soldatkök 09, K består av:

Gasolbrännare- Optimus Crux Lite
Gasolbehållare 100g- engångsbehållare
Spritbrännare- Trangia
Hållare Spritbrännare- Trangia
Bränsleflaska 0,4L- Optimus
Kastrull 1L m lock- Esbit, titan, locket används även till Kastrull 0,8L,
Kastrull 0,8L- Esbit, aluminium
Upphängning kök 09- vajeranordning för att hänga upp kastruller över öppen eld
Vindskydd- vikbar aluminiumfolie
Grytlapp- eldtåligt tyg, används som underlag på mark och snö eller som grytlapp
Plastmugg 0,25 vik- snikkåsa
Bestickset- gaffel, kniv och sked i titan med karbinhake
Konservbrytare mini
Vattenrentab kök 09
Förvarpåse tillbehör
Förvarpåse kök 09
Förvarpåse spritbr
Förvarpåse gasbr
Förvarpåse kastrull

A Soldatkök 09, K consists of:

Gasolbrännare- Optimus Crux Lite
Propane Tanks 100g- disposable containers
Spritbrännare- Trangia
Holder Spritbrännare- Trangia
Fuel bottle Optimus 0,4L-
Fire Starters
Pot 1L m cap Esbit, titanium, is also used to cover 0.8 l saucepan,
Pot 0,8L- Esbit, aluminum
Suspension kitchen 09- wire device for hanging pots over a fire
Vindskydd- foldable aluminum foil
Grytlapp- eldtåligt fabric, used as a basis for land and snow or potholder
Plastic cup 0.25 important snikkåsa
Bestickset- fork, knife and spoon in titanium with carabiner
Conserve Switch Mini
Vattenrentab kitchen 09
Detention bag accessories
Detention bag kitchen 09
Detention bag spritbr
Detention bag gasbr
Detention bag saucepan

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