Thursday, September 15, 2016

Eagle Industries MMAC AOR2

Multi Mission Armor Carrier - MMAC

The Eagle Multi Mission Armor Carrier (MMAC) is one of the most flexible and scalable armor/plate carriers on the market. Designed by the operator for the operator, SAPI & ESAPI) ballistic plates and/or soft armor insert, maximizing the MOLLE attachmentThe front and back body were designed to fit tightly around the (SPEAR/BALCS, Swimmer cut,the MMAC is combat proven to meet the ever-changing mission profiles present on today’s battlefield. surface without excess material, weight and bulk.

  • Fully MOLLE/PALS compatible 
  • Fits SPEAR/BALCS SAPI and ESAPI Front/Rear plates 
  • PTT attachment points on upper left/right 
  • 4”x6” VELCRO loop for eagle GRG pouch or ID/Flag patches 
  • Front kangaroo flap allows space for up to three M4 magazines to be stowed, allowing the operator to maintain a low profile 
  • Reinforced drag handle 
  • MOLLE assault cummerbund with integrated Radio and Side plate retention to minimize the need to attach additional pouches 
  • 2” Cummerbund Waist Strap (removable) 
  • Padded shoulder pads w/ detachable retention loops 
  • Upper and Lower pack attachment connection points for attaching Eagles Modular Assault Packs 
  • Low Profile side plate pockets (Slide over 4” Elastic Waist Strap) that accepts 6”x6” (SPC-6X6-*), 6”x8” (SPC-6X8-*) & 7”x8” (SPC-7X8-*) side plates (sold separately) 
  • Accepts Eagle Deltoid/Shoulder Plate pockets (sold separately) 
  • Accepts SPEAR/BALCS ballistic groin protector (sold separately) 
  • Accepts Eagle Ballistic Groin Protector, VELCRO attached (sold separately) 
  • Optional Accessories (Sold Separately) 
  • 4” Elastic Waist Strap ( PN D-PCC-SIXE-4E-*) 
  • Ballistic Groin w/ MSAP plate pocket, VELCRO attached (D-GP-MS-*) 
  • Deltoid/MSAP (6”x6”) shoulder plate pocket (D-S/DPP-*) 

Item Description Part Number
  • MMAC Base Configuration MMAC-W/C-Kit-MS* 
  • Plate Carrier Front Body MMAC-W/C-SFB* 
  • Plate Carrier Back Body MMAC-W/C-SBB* 
  • MBITR, MSAP MOLLE Cummerbund MMAC-C-MS* 
  • 2” Elastic Cummerbund D-PCC-2E* 
  • Padded Shoulder Pad D-PSP-DCA* 
  • PC Upper Pack Adapter (set) D-PC-UPA* 
  • PC Lower Pack Adapter (set) D-PC-LPA* 

Optional Components (Sold Separately) 

  • 4” Elastic Cummerbund D-PCC-4E* 
  • 6x6 Slip on MSAP Pocket (set) SPC-6x6* 
  • 6x8 Slip on MSAP Pocket (set) SPC-6x8* 
  • 7x8 Slip on ESAPI Pocket (set) SPC-7x8* 
  • NSW, Groin Protector, MSAP Cut, Ret. 
  • System, S – XL, MOLLE D-GP-MSC/RS-S/XL-MS* 
  • Deltoid Plate Pocket(single) D-S/DPP

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