Friday, August 26, 2016

ISAPO Ranger Plate Carrier Woodland Camo

Interim Small Arms Protective Overvest 

The Interim Small Arms Protective Overvest is an expedient solution to achieve a modular small arms protection upgrade to the fielded Personnel Armor System for Group Troops (PASGT) fragmentation protective armored vest (commonly referred to as the flak jacket). The ISAPO is worn over the PASGT vest to provide front and back protection against small arms and flechette threats. ISAPO can also be worn with the Ranger Body Armor (RBA) to add small arms protection to the back. ISAPO is compatible with fielded load bearing equipment and protective Clothing & Individual Equipment. It weighs approximately 16.5 pounds and consists of two components: a carrier and a pair of ceramic small arms protective plates.

ISAPO was approved for MS III in March 1996 with the intention of a one-time procurement of 4000 overvests for Army contingency purposes. The ISAPO will be available for use until the full solution (Modular Body Armor) is fielded in FY99. ISAPO will be available in Woodland and Desert camouflage patterns.

ISAPO provides the same level of small arms protection as the RBA. However, the area of fragmentation protection is greater using the ISAPO/PASGT combination than with the RBA, and small arms protection is greater covering front and back torso then RBA with front plate alone. The cost of providing ISAPO is approximately half the cost of RBA (the PASGT vest has already been issued).

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