Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Expanding SERE Pack by S.O.Tech

Originally introduced to S.O.Tech's Product line in 2001, the ESP has
seen several revisions. Back again for an encore, the ESP is available

The expanding SERE pack was designed by a SERE instructor
to provide a pouch for survival kit and medical kit that can expand
during evasion to form a pack for carrying foraged items (edible plants,
road kill, firewood, etc). With the demand for Sensitive Site
Exploitation (SSE) during counter-terrorism operation, this pouch gained
an additional mission. The pocket is great for SSE kit items like
rubber gloves and marking tags while the pack provides a comfortable way
to transport evidence back to base camp. And troops on R&R found
the third use as a travel pouch which can slide over a belt to hold a
camera, phone and passport but expand to transport souvenirs and food
bought in the local market. 

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