Friday, June 3, 2016

LBT- Mojo 430 Urban Patrol Medical Kit Chest Rig

Mojo 430 Urban Patrol Medical Kit Chest Rig
Item: 84-430-01

Mojo 432 Urban Patrol medical Kit Chest Rig, Stocked
Item :84-432-01

The extremely versatile Mojo 430 provides the medic or operator with the capability to render immediate care of a critical casualty and rapidly access ammunition to return fire in hostile environments. The Multi-Loop interior allows each medic/operator to configure the inside of the kit to their mission and supply requirements. The fully gusseted side panels ensure equipment retention in all situations. The Mojo 432 can be used as a stand-alone medical pack or, when used in conjunction with other Mojo Kits, as part of a more robust medical response system.

LBT Urban Patrol Medical Chest Rig - MOJO 430 

However, it is not a conventional chest rig. It is a PALS (MOLLE) Pouch that holds 3 rifle magazines total, which secure via bungee pull tabs from S&S Precision and a large pouch that has three detachable Velcro equipment securing platforms made from elastic straps, as well as detachable Velcro pouch. 

The RIG can also be mounted to a belt, via pelt loop access pocket. It is designed to rapidly access both ammunition and medical gear to provide immediate care to casualties


Both mission and medical equipment easily accessibleMultiple opening positions allow optimal access for confined spacesFully gusseted side panel ensure equipment retention in all situationsMovable/removable multi-loop and internal pocket for maximum configuration possibilities

  • Overall dimensions are 9 in. long, 9 in. wide, 3.5 in. high
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Capacity of 285 cubic inches
  • Made in U.S.A

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