Tuesday, May 3, 2016

London Bridge Tactical Floatation Vest LBT 1620G-R (RH) Navy Seal Issue PFD

LBT 1620G-R (RH)

General Features: 

Versions of this vest are currently used by:
U.S. Navy Fleet Force Protection Teams, Naval Special Warfare units, including
Special Boat Teams, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team, Naval Harbor Defense Units,
U.S. Coast Guard, Law Enforcement Teams and Port Security Units

Authorized for use in accordance with
ALSAFE 003/02

  • Lightweight, simple and quick to put on, one size fits all
  • Hardware and closed cell foam are UL or USCG approved
  • Three front entry adjustments using one inch nylon webbing and side release closures
  • Two side adjustments on each side using one inch webbing and ladder locks
  • Adjustments on each shoulder using two inch webbing and hook and loop fastener
  • Adjustable crotch straps using ¾” nylon webbing and side-release closures
  • Pockets for rifle and pistol magazines, compass, knife, signal devices and other survival equipment
  • All pockets feature grommet drain holes for immediate drainage
  • Robust drag handles on back behind neck
  • Radio pouch located horizontally on upper back for Motorola MX300/350 or similar in size
  • Hydration bladder pouch located vertically on the back• Weight: 4.27 lbs


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