Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mojo 001 Military Blow Out Kit

Item Numb : 80-001

The Mojo 001 vacuum sealed kit is the result of mission- specific operator requests to provide a reliable blowout kit for self-aid or buddy-aid in any tactical environment. The Mojo Blowout Kits are contained in clear bags with their content lists visible and expiration dates are marked by the first item to expire. When your requirement calls for the maximum capabilities in the minimum space, request the Mojo 001 vacuum sealed kit.).

Item Number : 80-002 (Pouch + Insert)


The Mojo 002 Military Blowout Kit is the result of a request from Elite Operators who required a Blowout Kit capable of surviving any environment.


1 - Sentinel Chest Seal
1 - Combat Gauze
1 - MojoDart 14g Needle Catheter
1 - Nasopharyngeal Airway - 28 fr
1 - Surgi Lube Packets (Lubricant above)
1 - Trauma Wound Dressing 4" Israeli
1 - Mojo TCCC Card
1 - Pencil
1 - 4" ACE wrap
2 - S Rolled Gauze

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