Monday, April 11, 2016

90s Eagle Industries Harris Load Bearing Vest

Rare Harris-designed OG US Special Forces load bearing vest from the early 90s. Bit of a collector's item.

 Has been sprayed at some point in its life, has a paint mark on left kidney pouch and it's well used, but all fittings, stitching and snaps are in sound condition.

Holds AR mags in the chest pouches, and two kidney pouches for canteens, LMG ammo, grenades etc.

  • Multitool pouches either side.
  • Butt pack is removable.
  • Attachment points for alice pouches on H harness, shoulders, chest and sides of the kidney pouches, and belt loops to run a belt through.

Included are the following:
  • An original pre-fastex clip Eagle Industries 'SAS airborne' dropleg fabric holster (not sure this is anything to do with the actual SAS, it's just their product name) to hold a Hi-Power, M9, Sig 226, 1911 or Glock sized handgun.
  • An LBT triple kydex gold label pistol pouch that will hold 3 9mm double stack or single stack .45/9mm magazines.
  • A modern blackhawk rigger's belt.

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