Friday, March 25, 2016

IFAK / Individual Medical Pouch

IFAK Medical Pouches

The IFAK was issued to every deploying soldier via the Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI). Weighing one pound, the IFAK consists of expendable medical items packaged inside of a modified MOLLE 100 or 200 round SAW ammo pouch.

The Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is used for immediate battlefield treatment. It includes several bandages, a tourniquet, burn ointment, some water purification tablets, and QuikClot Antihemorrhagic/hemostatic agent.The Army utilizes an IFAK with different contents, but a similar purpose. In 2010, the QuikClot powder was replaced by QuikClot Combat Gauze, a kaolin-infused gauze bandage.

US Miliary IFAKs
IFAK Pouches
IFAK Medical Module / Kits

Individual Medical Pouch

Battlelab Medical Drop Pouch Coyote
Blackhawk Drop Leg Escape and Evasion Pouch

Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Medical Pouch
Blackhawk STRIKE Medical Pouch Speed Clips

British Army First Aider Trauma Pack Med Pouch
British Army MTP Team Medic Pouch Medic Team
British Army Osprey MK II Desert Medic Pouch
British Army Osprey MTP MK IV First Aid Kit Pouch
British Army Wyvern Medical Pouch 1990s

Czech Army Medical Pouch NPP-2006 vz.95 AČR
Defensor Fortis (DF-LCS) IFAK Pouch
Drop Leg IFAK Pouch w/ Contents
German Army Tropentarn BagJack Medical Pouch

Japanese Army GSDF Experimental Pouch First Aid Kit
Japanese Army JSDF IFAK - JSDF Pouch

LBT-2695A Multicam Large MOJO IFAK Pouch
LBT-9022B T Medical Kit Pouch
LBT Escape & Evasion Kit Pouch
LBT-9022A LBT Medical Pouch 
LBT-0254B Pouch Utility First Aid w Zipper
LBT-9022B-T-IFAK Blow Out Pouch W/ Med Kit

M4/Med Pouch
Modular Medical Kit Pouch
Modular Small Blow-Out Kit Pouch
MOLLE II External ACU Medical Pouch
NAR Individual Kit (CCRK)
NAR Squad Kit (CCRK)
Paraclete Canadian Army / CANSOF Medical Pouch
Paraclete CANSOF Team Medical Drop Down Medical Pouch
Raptor Modified Individual First Aid Kit MIFAK *
SORD CFA Medic Small Compact Pouch
S.O. Tech IFAK Pouches 
SOTECH Compact Ind. Medical Aid Pouch (CIMAP)
Standard Medical Kit Pouch
Tactical Tailor Medic Pouch Coyote Brown
XL Blowout Pouch

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