Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Lightweight Environmental Protection (LEP)

If you have to face extreme cold weather consider wearing the Lightweight Environmental Protection (LEP) is an insulation subsystem developed under the Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements (SPEAR). The system is designed to be individually configured based upon mission, terrain and climate requirements as well as personal preference.

General Tommy Franks wearing ''Spear Jacket ''

LEP is a system of cold weather clothing originally developed for special ops . but now it's available to anyone in the military . LEP must be worn with the extended cold weather clothing system (ECWCS) parka and trousers

Worn together in layers, these clothes will protect you in the cold down to -20°F.
The underwear is made of treated polyester knit to wick moisture away from the body.
The overalls are made polyester/lycra fleece.The shirt and jacket are made of fleece
All clothing is available in black or green

LEP is Made up of seven garments :

Layer 1   Silk-weight undershirt and drawers   (Silkweight Set)
Layer 2   Mid-weight undershirt and drawers
Layer 3   Stretch fleece bib overalls

Layer 4   Heavy weight fleece shirt (Spear Jacket)

Pile Jacket is fabricated in a heavyweight fleece fabric. It has a collar, zipper front closure, pit zips, two zippered hand warmer pockets, inner pockets and a windproof front and back yoke.

Layer 5   Wind resistant fleece jacket

Wind Resistant Jacket is fabricated in heavyweight fleece wind resistant fabric. It is the same basic design as the heavyweight fleece jacket with the addition of wristovers and a hood.

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