Saturday, November 28, 2015

TYR Tactical Huron Assaulters Sustainment Pack

Huron Assaulters Sustainment Pack
Product Code: HRN-ASP001

The Huron™ Assaulters Sustainment Pack (HRN-ASP001) was specifically designed around end user feedback about the necessity for a pack that can be utilized for everyday carry and /or adapted to the back of the existing armor systems. The pack features a very unique removable MOLLE on comfort panel and shoulder straps so that the pack can be worn over the shoulders, etc. without discomfort.

With 360 cubic inches internally and an approximate addition 680 cubic inches of expandable storage with the beaver tail, the Assaulter Sustainment pack is able to provide a very versatile capability to the end user. Other features include 3 hydration ports, an internal hydration bladder pocket and an additional internal storage zipper pocket for items like batteries, etc.

It’s engineered utilizing the revolutionary TYR Tactical® PV® material which offers significant weight reduction with increased resistance to abrasion. PV® has been tested to have 7-10 times higher abrasion resistance than standard mil spec nylon. Antimicrobial/FR treated padded spacer mesh is used internally for comfort.


  • Wt: 1 lb 5 oz 
  • Dim: 16” H x 8” W x 4” D

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