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TAD GEAR Spectre Hoodie LRP MultiCam

TAD Stealth Hoodie

The Spectre Hoodie LRP MultiCam is Triple Aught Design's (TAD Gear) 'flagship' U.S.-made softshell, with more pockets and volume than their Stealth Hoodie Reloaded. Designed as a robust softshell for protracted field use encountered in Long Range Patrol (hence the "LRP" designation); the Crye MultiCam version of the Spectre is a limited edition of one run only, and will not be available again. It's TAD Gear's first and last MultiCam softshell (as of this writing), due to the high cost of developing and manufacturing the soft shell fabric in MultiCam . The MultiCam Spectre differs from the solid colour Spectres by its material - it's thicker and warmer, and suited for colder weather, or as a stand-alone jacket instead of a light shell + mid insulating layer. It is designed for aerobic activity with breathability taking precedence over water resistance.

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This is the ledgendary spectre hoodie jacket which all the fakes an copys are based on it inspired every other company to copy and fake it to death this is the real deal 

Our Stealth Hoodie has been meticulously engineered to achieve the perfect blend of superior weather resistance and adaptive insulation. Combining Schoeller's c_change™ membrane, Nanosphere™ conditioning, and a clean design results in a technically advanced jacket capable of transcending the normal boundaries of what soft-shells are capable of. Whether you throw it on over a light base layer as temperatures just start to drop or use it as the final layer of protection over a Shag Master or Praetorian, the Stealth is your personal climate control system.


  • Adapts to your activity and environment: We built the system around c_change®, a windproof and waterproof membrane that literally adapts to the environment both inside and outside the jacket to maintain the ideal body climate. In the presence of heat or body moisture, the pores open to channel that heat and moisture away from the body, keeping you cooler and more comfortable. When it’s cold or body moisture has not accumulated, the pores constrict, retaining heat inside the jacket.

  • Protected inside and out: Aside from its distinct style, something that sets this year’s Stealth Hoodie apart from any other jacket on the market is our use of Schoeller’s Nanosphere™ process on both the outer shell and internal fleece lining. This innovative process uses nanotechnology to modify the fibers to be self-cleaning, resisting water, dirt, and oil. Unlike fabric treatments that degrade with use and time, NanoSphere is a permanent modification and has no effect on comfort, appearance, breathability, or elasticity. Water or such substances as ketchup, honey, coffee or red wine run off. And if they don't happen to run off of their own accord, they can easily be rinsed off with a little water.
  • Stands up to rugged use: If you’re operating in a rocky environment or maneuvering through thick underbrush, the abrasion-resistant nylon face guards against snagging and damage.
  • Comfortable and flexible: With four-way stretch and a single underarm panel running from hem to cuff, the Stealth won’t hold you back. Designed to excel during active use in cool to cold environments, the combination of our thickest fleece lining yet, a next-generation climate membrane, innovative nanotechnology, and an abrasion-resistant shell will keep you comfortable from Fall through Spring.
  • Functionality you can customize: To achieve the right fit and weather protection, you can adjust the velcro cuffs, cinch the cord at the hem or use the easily stowed Aero hood. The pocket array gives you multiple storage options, including D-rings in the chest and upper arm pockets to dummycord your gear, keeping it both handy and secure.
  • Subdued style that transitions from field to city: Performance and function are the baseline requirements of everything we make, driving a style which is clean-lined and without superfluous details. The silhouette is modern without the bulk. Our subdued color palette ensures you’ll blend into natural environments.


Schoeller® 3-Layer 240 g/m2
Fleece Lined
Treatments: Nanosphere™
Membrane: c_change™
Single Underarm Panel with Pit Zips

Hood Configuration
Aero Hood Design with Hood Roll Up Flap
Adjustable Cinch Cord
Two 1”x1”Velcro Loop Squares on the Hood Accommodate Ranger Eyes Or Glint Tape

Pocket Configuration
2 Chest Pockets with Media Ports, D-Rings with Inner Stash Pockets
2 Upper Arm Pockets with Media Ports, D-Rings
1 Left Forearm Pocket
1 Double-entry Hunters Pocket
All Pockets Feature Zipper Garages and Pull Tabs
Brushed Mesh Pocket Bags

Zipper Configuration
Full Front Double Coil Zipper with Chin Flap and Pull Tab YKK® Zippers
All Pockets Feature Zipper Garages and Pull Tabs
Cuff and Sleeve Configuration
Adjustable, Velcro, Dyed-to-Match, Laser Cut Cuffs
Two Optional, Upper Arm, 3"x5" Velcro Swatches for Morale Patches

Hem Configuration
Adjustable Locking Drawcord
Drop-Tail Hem

Logos & Labels
One 1"x1" Loop Swatch with Removable Velcro Logo Patch at Right Hip
Made in Canada

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