Saturday, November 21, 2015

READYONE INDUSTRIES, INC. Windshirt level 4, alpha green, (PCU) Size Chart

Gen II Windshirt (Full Zip)


Item Description: Cold Weather Combat Shirt

Part name assigned by controlling agency : Windshirt level 4,(Size) alpha green, (PCU)

Definition : A shirt specifically designed to be worn under coat, combat for protection against cold weather in combat conditions.

Special features - Versatile;lightweight; breathable; stretchable; water repellant; and windproof; hooded,half zip style

Part Number  NSN  Size / Color NIIN Asgnm.
8415-00-NSH-1678 8415-01-543-4946 XXL Alpha Green 09/14/06
8415-00-NSH-1563 8415-01-543-4965 Large 09/14/06
8415-00-NSH-1564 8415-01-543-4967 Large-long 09/14/06
8415-00-NSH-1562 8415-01-543-4970 Medium 09/14/06
8415-00-NSH-1565 8415-01-543-4973 XL 09/14/06
8415-00-NSH-1566 8415-01-543-4978 XL-Long
8415-00-NSH-1567 8415-01-543-4979 XS
8415-00-NSH-1682 8415-01-543-4980 Med-Long
8415-00-NSH-1570 8415-01-543-4981 XXXL-Long 09/14/06
8415-00-NSH-1569 8415-01-543-4985 XXXL
8415-00-NSH-1568 8415-01-543-4986 XXL-Long
8415-00-NSH-1561 8415-01-543-4990 Small 09/14/06

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