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ORC Industries MCU Level 4 Windshirt - Alpha Green

MCU Level 4 Windshirt - Alpha Green

Description: The MCU Windshirt is a new design by ORC Industries. The MCU softshell jacket and trousers is offered by ORC as a cost effective alternative or upgrade to the existing PCU Level 5 softshell. 

ORC Industries PCU MCU softshell windshell level 4


The Windshirt is designed to be worn in combination with various base layer garments when wind resistance is desired for additional warmth. The fabric "Ecology" by the Brookwood Companies, is a woven nylon ripstop that is engineered to be water resistant, breathable and also windproof. This combination of fabric and technology produces a Windshirt that is lightweight and extremely packable; that will perform in a variety of environments and climates. The windshirt is available in both unviersal camouflage and alpha green.

Made in the US

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ORC Industries

8/26/07 - Note that ORC Industries has ended production of the MCU items seen below and ORC has ceased to offer them. The writeup below is left as a reference.

4/19/06 - Orc Industries (see PCU review below for more info) will be ending their production run of the PCU L4 and L5 items (another company is continuing the contract), and are introducing their alternative, dubbed the Modified Combat Uniform (MCU). 

Orc's MCU L4 and L5 evolved from their PCU line, with a few minor changes, and will be offered to both Military personnel and civilians. PCU was not available in ACU (Universal Pattern), but MCU will be available in both Alpha Green and Universal Pattern (as an alternative to the equivalent ECWCS Gen III items).

Since the MCU items are very similar in design to the previous PCU articles, I'll focus on the differences, rather than the similarities. Please refer to the ORC PCU review section following this one for more info.

MCU Level 4 Windshirt - The Windshirt is designed to be worn in combination with base layer garments when wind resistance is needed to limit further heat loss. The main change for the MCU L4 Windshirt is that it is now has a full zip instead of half-zip, and made from different fabric. 

PCU fabric was Epic Praetorian, and the new MCU is made from Ecology™ byBrookwood. Ecology is a rip-stop nylon fabric engineered to be water resistant, breathable, windproof and very packable. Taking a close look at the fabric reveals the rip-stop weave. It's very light weight and more packable than the PCU L4 Windshirt I have (compresses to the size of a softball), and from a brief stint out in the rain, and also some rudimentary water tests I did, has similar water-resistance characteristics. This is NOT rain gear - water WILL eventually soak through if left on the fabric long enough, or if pushed through with enough force (as in a heavy rain), just like the PCU L4 windshirt. Best used in mist or light drizzle.

The only gripe I have is that it has a bit of a satin-like sheen to it like some civvie rain gear. I'd prefer a more matte finish like the old Epic material, personally. I asked Orc about it and they informed me that it was Brookwood's first go at Alpha green fabric - future production articles will have less sheen. The Universal Pattern is more matte than the Alpha Green currently.

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