Friday, October 30, 2015


Thanks to : Wikimanx

Wikimanx  Wrote :

This chest rig formed part of a bigger set including the mag carrier chest rig & waist belt (see my other listings) & a rear pack
Holds 18 rounds,probably tear gas,baton rather than HE but not sure?

Item was procured & brought home by a family member after PMC work in Africa during early 90s

I've spoken with my relative who brought this item back to the UK & can now be 99% certain it was used by an EXO employee he knew.

As to its use by '32 Battalion' originally,he wasn't sure,however I have since found an article in a 2003 issue of C&S which clearly indicates this pattern of webbing was 'most' likely manufactured for & used by 32 Battalion (pics of article included).

Several ex SADF soldiers have messaged me during the last listing offering opinions but no one knows for sure!

Everything from homelands 'Bop' use to 32 has been offered up.

If anyone can definitively confirm or deny its original usage I would be grateful to know & amend accordingly!

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