Saturday, October 24, 2015

London Bridge Trading LBT-1196 Defensive Support Vest

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Pictured below is one of Nordac Manufacturing Corp. NMC's series of "Defense Support Vest" (they were made for 9mm SMG, 7.62mm, and 5.56mm cartridge magazines). This specific vest (owned by Craig) for 5.56mm cartridge magazines was manufactured under a FMS contract for Nicaragua. Also pictured is the vest from NMC’s catalogue. 

Below the NMC vest is the LBT produced version which was given LBT's proprietary stock number of LBT 1196. Some of the early LBT vests were actually NMC manufactured (from left over stock) and simply relabeled with LBT's tags. The vests, as one can tell, were based on the Natick Laboratories trial "rifleman vest" and the USGI "grenadier" vest:

While under federal investigation NMC closed its doors in the summer of 1985. NMC's remaining inventory and manufacturing equipment was auctioned off by the “Small Business Administration later that year, raising $130,000 toward $280,000 in company debt.” Doug McDougal purchased the inventory and equipment. He, in turn, using NMC's inventory began his own business...London Bridge Trading. For the most part he sold off the remaining NMC manufactured items , relabeled some NMC items with LBT tags, and copied some of NMC's unique designs and continued to manufacture them (much like American Body Armor did with Elevated Urban Operations).

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