Sunday, October 18, 2015

Israeli Army Tactical Wrist Map / Code Case

Part # : 3009 - 20861

This is a unique rare item of the Israeli Army, Idf/Zahal. It is a cloth/canvas pouch/cover with a front 'see through' plastic and with a velcro strap to attach it to the warriors hand or leg.

It was made in Israel by 'BENITEX' and has the official Idf/Zahal stamp and catalog number.

The Idf print is the type used during the 50's-60's.

I have no idea what this unique item was used for. I can only think that it was for holding sensitive/delicate details during combat close to the Warrior such as radio/communication codes/frequencies etc.

Still - if anyone has any knowledge of this item I would appreciate if they let me know.

Color: Khaki.

Measures approx 4.7x3.74 inches (12x9.5cms).

In good/stained condition for its age, please view the photo's.

Thanks to : zorba139

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