Friday, October 30, 2015

ABL Belgian Army Jigsaw / Desert Reversible Fleece Jacket

ABL Omkeerbare Fleece

ABL means Algemeen Belgisch Leger wich means Belgium Army

Belgische Armee

Softshell Fleecejacke Wendejacke Windstopper

Jigsaw Camouflage / Desert ISAF

Thanks to : varusteleka

Oh you could blame the Belgians of all kinds of nasty deeds, but at least they have an uniquely bizarre camoufalge pattern. If you really don't care or maybe even fancy this "Jigsaw camo", here's a tough, well made fleece jacket for real use.

  • Although pretty much the same as most military fleece jackets, the Belgian model has one specialty; it's reversible, but the feature seems to be more like an afterthought. Here's what it's about:
  • Zipper closure on the front. On some jackets the zipper is double sided, most have a standard zipper (harder to use when the jacket has the desert side out).
  • Stand-up collar, protects the neck really well.
  • Tightening drawcord on the hem, thumbhole sleeves.
  • Four pockets total.

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