Wednesday, September 2, 2015

TACOPS M4 Field Ready Special Operations Medical Bag Kit ACU

TSSi's M4 Special Operations Medical Bag was designed to fulfill the operational need for a comprehensive field portable medical bag.

The M4 is smaller than the standard issue M5 medical bag and yet larger than the M-3/Unit 1 carried by combat medics and Navy corpsmen. The M4 was designed by a current special operations Physician's Assistant (PA) who was also a former Special Forces 18D Medic.

The M4 is broken down into three sections, the dressing/bandage compartment , the airway panel, and the rear storage & IV compartment. Its primary method of transport is attached to the standard issue ALICE or MOLLE rucksack. The M4 can also be carried as a patrol pack, a fanny pack or by its grab handles like a duffle bag. In addition to the three operational sections, the M4 has drain holes in the bottom and is designed with a rain flap over the zipper. Also, a modular attachment point is located on the front of the pack that will accept additional MOLLE or ALICE compatible pouches. The M4 is manufactured in the USA.

Dimensions: 13” h x 13” w x 7.5” d

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