Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sierra Designs SFC Assault Bivy US Military Special Forces Shelter

Sierra Designs SFC Assault Bivy

A Gore-Tex™ Bivy sack, manufactured for the US Military Special Forces. Designed to stand up to the rigorous use in the field, year round.


  • Oversize cut allows for long sleeping bag and sleeping pad to fit inside.
  • 6 Slider zipper track allows for head & arm access for working with equipment without having to get out of the bivy.
  • Fully taped factory sealed seams.
  • No see-um mesh window for venting.
  • Upper torso quy-out for better air circulation and headroom.
  • Y-shaped zipper allows left or right opening.
  • Designed for use with the Delta or Gama sleeping bag system.
  • Bivvy can be used alone.
  • Gore-Tex type II waterproof breathable fabric on top waterproof coated fabric on bottom.
  • Integrated Delrin rod holds bivy away from head for improved venting, hearing and water shedding.
  • Zippers can be positioned to allow you to vent bivy.
  • Quick egress features allow you to exit bivy with speed and ease.
  • Hook and loop fasteners offer secondary closure features that allow you to close the bivvy even if the primary zipper fails or freezes.
  • Gloves on feature allows you to operate all the features while wearing cold weather or tactical gloves.
  • Boots on feature allows you to utilize the bivy without removing your footwear.
  • Offers temperature range of 50° when used without sleeping bag.


Size: 35”x90” (89cmx229cm).
Pack size: 8”x25”
Carry weight:2#2oz (908g)

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