Sunday, August 30, 2015

US Army Polaroid M-1944 Goggles

T/O&Es in November 1944 were calling for the standard use of the M-1944 goggle, and these goggles came into use by ground forces in late 1944/early 1945. However, photos of 752nd tankers do not show this goggle in use until the post-war period. The M-1944 goggle featured a one-piece molded rubber frame, which housed a one-piece lens whose viewing area was considerably larger than that of the Polaroid 1021 model. The frame was held in place by a thick elasticized strap. Like the Polaroid 1021, the M-1944 goggle lenses were also available in a variety of shades for various operating conditions. M-1944 lenses were available in non-polarizing clear, polarizing green, polarizing gray, and non-polarizing red "Dark Adaptation" varieties. M-1944 goggles continued as the standard-issue ground forces goggle into the 1970's, and even today's ground forces goggles are only a slight variation of the M-1944.

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