Monday, August 24, 2015

Russian Army Soviet Army Mess Kit / Marching Pot

Army Soviet soldier bowler

Field pot in the state storage. It consists of 2 parts: the main pot volume of about 1.5 liters and a cover-frying pan, with an oval bottom profile, concave on one side ("kidney-shaped", "bean" shape) with a lid. The cover being removed, is a well capacity of about half a liter .
It is provided with a thin handle which is attached to the main body and the container may be held in a vertical position. Material production - food aluminum. Outside painted in color "olive".

  • Made from food-grade aluminum. Cover.
  • The volume of about 1.3 liters pot
  • The volume of about 0.5 liters cover
  • Dimensions: 15 cm X 10 cm X 17 cm.
  • Pot for soups, cover - for the second.
  • The cover can be used as a frying pan.

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