Thursday, August 6, 2015

Italian Army Mess Kit 3 Pieces - OSIM 75

Italian army messtin is, comes with a handle on the lid as well as the former German army messtin, is a specification that is also used as a frying pan with lid.

While following the design of the M1910 messtin and M31 messtin of former German army, there is a place that has been improved little by little. First, is the lid, but has become taller than the lid of the M31 messtin, it feels like the M1910 messtin if anything.

In the bottom of cooking utensils, dent to lock Hook the claws of the handle is provided.

And vines of lug so as not rotate round 360 degrees, it has been devised so as not rotate only at an angle of 270 degrees from 0 degrees.

Size : 22 x 18 cm

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