Thursday, August 27, 2015

Israel IDF Army Shalon EPS-21 Tactical Goggles

Shalon Chemical Industries from Israel developed another version of eye protection goggles designated EPS-21 which looks much more attractive than the old plastic goggles it replaced, which ‘protected’ only from wind and dust. EPS-21 was designed to offer ‘one size fits all’ product, accommodating all the most common sizes.

Advanced combat goggles for ballistic, sun, wind, dust and laser eye protection

Even a slight eye injury may incapacitate a soldier, requiring his immediate transfer, and additional personnel caring for him since he cannot be left alone. Military and legislators now realize that high incidence of eye injury has a devastating effect on the ability of an army to conduct modern warfare.

Current types of NATO and US goggle are generally cumbersome, uncomfortable, and offer limited protection against high speed, high fragmentation ammunitions, explosives and laser irradiation.

A study of the Israel Ministry of Defense concluded that eye injury often occurred when soldiers were not wearing the protective eyewear that they had been issued, due mainly to poor interface with sighting equipment, comfort and aesthetics. We began to develop a goggle that was designed to incorporate the latest technologies, to achieve a very high level of protection while maintaining the attractiveness of a sport goggle

In early 1995 the Israel Ministry of Defense placed a contract with Shalon Chemical Industries for what has now become known worldwide as the EPS-21, Eye Protective System for the 21st Century.

EPS-21 is now being offered to protect military and police personnel against sun, wind, dust, ballistic fragmentation and laser radiation.

The system consists of a goggle frame with a clear ballistic lens and a wide range of easily installed outsert lenses. A lightweight frame for corrective lenses can readily be inserted, eliminating the problem of fitting military goggles over spectacles.

Originally designed to meet stringent requirements of the Israeli Defense Force, EPS- 21 offers unique features never before available in military protective eyewear. It is an elegant, comfortable, stable, low profile platform for what is undoubtedly the highest

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