Monday, August 24, 2015

German Army WW1 Mess Kit / Eßgeschirr M1908 / 2 Model

Eßgeschirr was introduced in 1908. It has a slightly kidney shape, and its capacity is 2 L (liquid). It is marked with four small scale lines (pitch), each of which sets ¼ L. denied previous model, which was used from the 50s nineteenth century. The predecessor was similar in form, although slightly higher (Prussian measure of volume) and produced from galvanized iron; handle on the lid was mounted separately.

With the introduction of military food from the soup kitchen in 1908, the model described earlier as Kochgeschirr, which strongly and was also used for cooking, now due to its aluminum version is called Eßgeschirr. Since that time, he mainly used for food, but not the cooking.

From around 1910 and comes out a revised model, which now has a one-piece, shaped handle.

Eßgeschirr M1908 / second model

For practical reasons, the handle was performed now with iron because, as is known, aluminum is a good conductor of heat and rapidly overheats. During the war, mess tins used for the production of substitute materials, including enamel and the iron plate that covers the outside special colored lacquer. They were not overly liked by the soldiers because they were heavier and prone to damage the surface of the enamel or lacquer. Few enameled models were produced in the colors feldgrau, besides were also painted black

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