Monday, August 24, 2015

Estonian Army WW2 Aluminium Mess Kit / Mess Tin

Thanks to : antikfounder

Estonian aluminium mess-tin. This type of a mes-tin very similar to german type made in Tallinn before the WW2 war. That was a speccial military factory "Arsenal". Mess -tin was designed for estonian army During the war that mess-tins were in used both in german and in soviet army, because estonians fighted on the both sides. It has inscriptions scratched on a bottom and on a top. On the top is a last name and an initials "Sidorov M.P.". On the bottom is a last name "Lukin". Both last names are rusiian. Probably mess-tin was a in use in Estonian 22th Territorial Corps Later in 8th rifle estonian corps. Amoung estonian there was a number of russian soldiers. Unique item in really good condition.

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