Monday, August 3, 2015

Camelbak Ambush Desert Camo Hydration Pack (100oz) 3.0L

The Ambush is yet another great item by Camelbak. This hydration pack is designed for short missions or trips where not a lot of gear needs to be carried in the pack. It is also part of the Maximum Gear line, Camelbak's military line. These items are ruggedized to allow them to hold up in a harsh military environment.

As with most Camelbaks, it features a 100 oz polyurethane hydration reservoir which is designed to collapse in on itself. This helps you to maintain noise discipline by creating less of a "sloshing" noise like you'd get with water bottles or canteens. The opening is large enough for easy cleaning (1.75 inch) and makes filling with ice or drink mixes much easier. The cap on the reservoir is tethered so it won't get lost and has a lower profile than older models. The tether, over years of use, will start to wear and possibly break, but this is a fairly normal use failure due to the constant bending of the tether. The base of the cap also has a handle to hold onto while filling the cap.

All the zippers on the pack are quality YKK zippers with decent zipper pulls. 
Made of 1000D cordura and features a closed cell padded back.

  • Dimensions: 18.5 in x 8 in x 4 in
  • Volume: Cargo Only – 180 cu in • Including Water – 360 cu in
  • Weight: .78 lbs • Filled Reservoir – 8.03 lbs

Woodland Camo
Desert Camo
Coyote Tan
Foliage Green
Digital Desert
Army UCP

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