Thursday, July 30, 2015

WW2 Polaroid All Purpose Google Kit- No. 1021

WW2 Polaroid All Purpose Google Kit- No. 1021

These goggles were mainly made for pilots, and bomber crews, but were used by many members for many uses. The kit contains one pair of goggles, with lenses, and three additional anti-glare switchable lenses. These lenses include green lens, for exceedingly bright days, regular green lens, for days where the sun isn't as bright, and a red colored lens for night missions. This grouping also includes the cloth carrier for the goggles, and the four lenses.

By early to mid 1944, the majority of U.S. tankers were wearing the Polaroid All Purpose Goggle No. 1021. Photos of 752nd tankers specifically show the 1021 model as the standard tanker goggle through the end of the war. The Polaroid 1021 goggle was developed mainly for use by the Army Air Corps, but it found widespread use in all Army branches. The 1021 all-purpose goggle kit featured a comfortable light-weight foam and rubber frame, held in place by a thin elasticized strap. In addition to improved comfort over the earlier M-1938 goggles, the Polaroid 1021 featured a single one-piece lens for better visibility, and four different removable lenses were available for better visibility under a variety of conditions. A non-polarizing clear lens was available for protection against dirt and grime under normal conditions where no glare was present. A light green lens was available for glare protection on normal days, and a dark green polarizing lens was available for glare protection on "exceedingly brilliant" days. Finally, a red non-polarizing "dark adaptor" lens was available for adapting the eyes to night vision.

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