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Welcome to Webbingbabel

Welcome to Webbingbabel

We Are interested in Personal Gear of the Modern Armed Forces of the Free World

Military missions are much complicated nowadays. Other than determination and training, gear is what soldiers can count on and get missions accomplished. Every piece of gear is the evidence of effort, honor, bravery, history, and even mystery of these extraordinary men and women. (

Our Goal is to build one of the best on-line Military Personal Equipment Museum,

There is really no point in looking back to the past, unless one draws lessons from it for the future.

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A cat named Clyde strayed into the hearts of the soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. They are trying to find her a safe and loving home that she deserves.

Clyde Clinton Deveraux is a female cat named by male contractors. I am not sure how long she has been at the base in Helmand but I know it’s been at least 2-3 years.

Before I got to country, the compound I worked at changed locations and the contractors thoughtfully brought Clyde with them. My unit got to the Bastion ASP at the end of December 2012.

We were told about there being a cat hanging around the entry control point(ECP) to the ASP. Several of us soldiers are animal lovers and started visiting Clyde at the gate. Soon, Clyde became more attached to us than to the contractors at the gate and hung around our buildings. Seeing Clyde was motivation enough to come to work. The more I cared for and spent time with Clyde, the more I grew attached to her and wanted to take her home.

I was afraid of what might happen to her when all the people that have cared for her leave the country. I believe she has been here long enough and deserves a loving family. I would really love the chance to give that to her.” (via Nowzad).

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