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CamelBak Talon-J Jumpable Hydration Pack, 100oz, Foliage Green

Talon-J Hydration Pack, 100oz, Foliage Green
NSN : 8465-01-541-3963
Date : June 26, 2006

This is a hard to find Talon-J Camelbak - pack / hydration unit issued to US Army Paratroopers; set up for Airborne Operations. In addition to the normal features the normal Camelbak Talon has, the Talon-J has a zipper and velcro panel on the bottom of the pack that opens to reveal a single point release jump rig and the pack. The J also has two leg straps on the top corners of the pack - this unit is a fully jumpable assault pack and hydration system. As this unit is made in small quantities and only issued to Airborne soldiers (Special Forces, Rangers, LRSD, etc.) it is a pretty rare item. The pack has 1820 cubic inches of storage space and a 100 ounce water bladder.

The new Talon-J is specifically designed for Airborne Combat Operations. The Talon-J includes a built-in Single Point Release and easily stowable leg straps! It is designed to carry your mission critical, combat light load and to carry your odd-shaped, must-haves with ease. With internal and external attachment systems, you can load up radios, weapons, ammo, or NBC equipment with stability and


Features and Specifications:
  • Integrated Single Point Release and easily stowable leg straps.
  • Multiple storage spaces include top-loading main compartment, side pockets for MRE's or ammo, rear organizer.
  • Six-point strap system on exterior to lash down awkward gear.
  • ASIPS antennae ports allow for antennae of all sizes.
  • Fits second reservoir for longer missions. 

Capacity: 100 oz (3.0l)
Dimensions: 17 in x 14 in x 10 in (432 mm x 254 mm)
Volume: Cargo - 1820 cu in (29.8 l) Total: 2000 cu in (32.8 l)Total Volume - 2002 cu. in. (32.8L)
Weight: Empty Reservoir - 3.80 lbs (1.70 kg) Filled Reservoir - 10.10 lbs (4.50 kg)

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