Friday, June 19, 2015

US Army MOLLE II SDS Medic Pack Set Multicam

Recently, the Army and the Marine Corps developed a replacement for the Unit One, called the "MOLLE Medic Bag." MOLLE is an acronym for "Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment" and is often referred to as the "Mike Bag."

The MOLLE Medic Bag system consists of a backpack, with a right and left detachable internal pockets, an IV Bandoleer, and 8 external pouches. Four of the pouches can attach to the backpack and 4 attach to the MOLLE vest.

SET : (NSN# 8465-01-580-2774)

These versatile packs are ready for your most demanding missions, it is MOLLE compatible and jump ready for your Airbourne missions. The packs are brand new, unused, some in original packaging some not, but all brand new. Rare pack to find in MultiCam, we have a few with choices on number of small medic pouches included (see below and your shopping cart for availability.

Manufacturer: The Specialty Group, Contract # W911QY-06-D-0003-0021

Features and Components:

ONE removable IV Bandoleer 

(NSN# 8465-01-580-2783 
(All configurations for sale here include this pouch)

TWO removable mesh pockets 
(NSN# 8465-01-580-2792) (All configurations for sale here include these pouches)
FOUR mesh lined inner pockets (All configurations for sale here include this pouch, these are sewn in and can be seen clearly in the pictures)

Clear pocket on flap of main bag
Main Bag NSN# 8465-01-580-2779

Various configurations available regarding the 
Small removable medical/general purpose pouches 
(NSN# 8465-01-580-2781) 

Cinch straps on all sides
Quick release buckles
Heavy duty non-freezing, non-rusting zipper
Pack opens fully for easy access and functionality
Carry handle to allow carry like a suitcase
Wear alone or attach to another MOLLE system



Medic Pack with quick ditch shoulder straps, attached waist belt, (8) exterior zippered medic pouches (4 for the pack, 4 for the vest), (2) interior fold out panels with two mesh pouches and two Fastex attachment buckles each, (1) detachable 3-pocket IV Bandoleer with shoulder strap, (4) interior mesh pockets with flap (one on each interior sidewall) and MOLLE webbing on the right, left and bottom sides of the pack.

Includes piggyback straps for attachment to the main ruck system.

Dimensions: 16" H x 12" W x 9" D


Multicam (OCP) 8465-01-580-2774
Universal Camo (ACU) 8465-01-524-7632
Woodland Camo 8465-01-459-6585

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