Friday, June 19, 2015

MOLLE Medium Rucksack MultiCam (OCP)


Medium 3-Day Ruck Pack Set, MOLLE II
BAE Systems Specialty Defense (SDS)
Date Estab: 2010-8-13

 In September 2009, the Soldier Requirements Division of the US Army Infantry Center expressed a need for a rucksack that could accommodate a typical 24-72 hour mission. The existing large rucksack was considered too large and the assault pack was too small. The Product Manager for Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment (PM-SCIE) quickly developed a Medium Rucksack to fill this capability gap.


The SDS Medium Rucksack provides an intermediate option for load-carrying equipment. In addition to a main compartment, the Medium Rucksack offers two exterior pockets in the front, and modular webbing on the sides and rear pocket face to be used for attaching additional MOLLE compatible pouches and accessories.


  • Top loading ruck with 3000 cubic inch volume.
  • Accommodates up to a 60 pound load.
  • Two exterior pockets for quick access to mission essential gear (top 10 x 5 x 2 and bottom 11 x 13 x 4)
  • External frame is compatible with issued body armor, including hard armor rear plate.
  • Loop side Velcro on top pocket for attaching hook side ID patches
  • MOLLE webbing on the sides and rear pocket face for attaching additional pouches and gear
  • Internal pockets can accommodate many items including SINCGARS and ASIP radios
  • Pack weighs 5.75 lbs empty.


Complete Set Multicam (OCP) 8465-01-585-1512
(Pack Body NSN 8465-01-593-8664)
(Waistbelt NSN 8465-01-590-1377)
(Shoulder Straps NSN 8465-01-590-1369)
(Tan Frame NSN 8465-01-590-1372)

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