Friday, June 19, 2015

Diamondback Tactical BattleLab Assault SOF Pack Jumpable

Diamondback Tactical BattleLab 
RTO Jumpable Assault Pack 
SOF Backpack BLPF81J Coyote brown

This backpack was developed for a military client who wanted his people to parachute with a HARRIS SATCOM. I think this bag will even survive a jump without a parachute – though the end user might not carry the same benefit. It’s huge and heavy. Seriously, I had several people (not kidding here!) who couldn’t lift the bag after I filled it up. Still, even with all the weight this backpack is very comfortable to carry.

So, if you look for a workhorse of backpack: this is the bag for you. Several outside-pockets, no MOLLE webbing (it’s for parachuting, remember?), integrated rain-cover on the bottom of the pack, outlets for the SATCOM’s antenna/cable, two large antenna-pockets on the side, pockets for storing the jump-straps, and sturdy enough for anything… It also has some nice features like two internal pouches that are attached with loops and Velcro, so nothing can wobble around. Another plus is the internal frame that keeps the bag in shape, even if it is empty.

Some intel-squirrels requested an optional camera-insert and there is also an optional notebook/organizer-insert available.

Diamondback Tactical Computer Insert and Optics Bag

The Optics Bags are padded bags and constructed of 1000D nylon with YKK brand zippers. Modular in design, the user can configure the bag to fit his specific equipment such as laptops, night vision systems, telephoto lenses and cameras or optical recording devices. The lid features four zippered pockets including a utility pocket, a large mesh pocket for storing small objects and two clear plastic pouches for storing items that need extra protection. The Optics Bag is also available with an external padded computer sleeve on the lid.

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