Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bolle X500 Attacker Tactical Goggles

Bolle Attacker Tactical goggle is made with a lightweight, flexible PVC frame, comfortable 8 mm PVC foam and a double polycarbonate and acetate lens system. 

The Attacker is Bolle's original tactical goggle and also offers superior dust and ballistic protection for tactical, safety and the outdoor ATV environment.

The flexible frame of Bolle Attacker Tactical Goggle X500 uses a double pin retention system to secure the lens and special grooves are built into the sides to accomodate glasses. The face foam of Bolle Attacker Tactical Goggles is made of soft PVC, 8 mm thick, for a good seal and comfort. The Double Lens of Bolle X500 Attacker Tactical Gogglescreates a thermal barrier to prevent fogging and provide added protection. The outer lens is 1.44 mm polycarbonate and the inner lens is 0.7 mm acetate, giving 2.4 mm of total protection.

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Bolle Attacker goggle frames
Special PVC Polymer for flexibility and fit
Side grooves for glasses
Large Contour for peripheral vision

Bolle Tactical Google Lens
Bolle Dual Lens system for protection and reduced fogging
1.44 mm Polycarbonate Outer Lens
0.7 mm Acetate Inner Lens

Bolle Attacker tactical goggles Foam
8 - 10 mm Thick
Moisture proof and washable contact side
Bottom Aerators of 2.5 mm Bulprene foam for dust protection and airflow

Bolle Goggle Strap
45 mm wide Nylon Fiber
60 cm long with 120% elasticity
Silicon Rubber treated to prevent slippage

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