Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bolle Commando Tactical Goggles

Bolle Commando SWAT Tactical Goggles w/ Double Lens

Bolle Commando Tactical Goggles are a multipurpose Goggle that protects from fragments, sand, and dust. Bolle Commando Tactical Goggles seals without the use of face foam. The foamless systems allows for greater durability and easy cleaning after use.

The flexible black frame of Bolle Commando Tactical Goggle is made of PVC and uses a double pin retention system to secure the lens. The flexible frame is designed to provide a seal to face. 
Commando Bolle Tactical Goggle comes with double lens system constructed of a 1.44 mm exterior polycarbonate lens and a .7 mm acetate interior lens. 

Bolle Commando Goggles Double Lens design created a thermal barrier between the users face and the outside temperate resulting in reduced fogging.
Lens system used in Commando Tactical Goggles have a special anti-fog coating on the inside and anti-scratch coating on the outside.

Bolle Commando Goggle's black strap is 35 mm wide and made of nylon fiber. It is approximately 60 cm long and and has an elastic extension of 120% easily allowing use of Bolle Commando Tactical Goggle with a Helmet.

Features of Bolle Commando Tactical Goggle:

Special Black PVC Polymer for flexibility, fit and face seal
Large Contour for peripheral vision
Commando uses the same frame as the popular Bolle Chrono Ski Goggle 

Dual Lens system for protection and reduced fogging
1.44 mm Polycarbonate Outer Lens
.7 mm Acetate Inner Lens
Foamless Face Seal

35 mm wide Nylon Fiber
60 cm long with 120% elasticity

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