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Russian Army / USSR Cutlery Set - 1985

Army cutlery set times of the USSR (opener / spoon / fork) (1985)
Армейский набор столовых приборов времен СССР (консервный нож/ложка/вилка) (1985 г.)

Marching set of NK-1 
(can opener, fork, spoon)
Походный набор НК-1 
(консервный нож, вилка, ложка)

NK-1 ("kit kotelkovy or, according to other sources, shortened - 1") - a rare thing. Apparently, these sets were equipped with some separate parts of the army, or these sets were intended only for officers. There is no exact information on this issue.

The origin of the set is obvious - the Wehrmacht and its progenitors, here and there is no need to go far. Slightly improved or vice versa, but, in general, such an incomplete copy of the Germans.

The set consists of full-length tableware, folded together and made of alimentary aluminum (spoon, fork) and stainless steel (can opener with opener). The usual knife, as in similar sets of the Bundes or the Netherlands (M.v.D.) is missing, and this is important, because it greatly facilitated the fighter's outfit, especially if we take into account that the cutting knife was used for cutting purposes. Well, to modern lovers of forests and tourism the standard fourth component is generally useless, since in your pocket there is always something like a doorman or an American multitool.

The set is compact - the external dimensions are specially chosen for storage inside the army army bowler. The weight of the set is 85 grams, the length of the instruments is 185 mm, the width is 45 mm. Instruments are difficult to bend or break, if properly handled, they are eternal!

length : 18.5 cm
width : 4.5 cm
The thickness of the metal : 0.1 cm
weight : 85 g

The Production
USSR (Army warehouses)
The Year


Army cutlery set times of the USSR (opener / spoon / fork) (1985)
Marching set of NK-1 (can opener, fork, spoon)

Size: 185h45h5 mm;

Materials: aluminum, stainless steel;
Completeness: can opener, spoon, fork;

Actual weight: 85g;

Packing: no;

Manufacturer: USSR (1970-80), warehousing.

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