Saturday, April 25, 2015

Russian Army Individual First Aid Kit - АППИ

Appy, individual first aid kit
АППИ, аптечка первой помощи индивидуальная

First Aid Kit Individual (Appi) is designed to provide personnel and first aid wounded one (victim) in order self-help.

Adopted by the supply of Russian army order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation №744 dated May 21, 2011 (TU 9398-001-58379990-2010).

Provides: antidotal therapy in lesions of organophosphorus agents; anesthesia in wounds and burns; temporary stop external bleeding, including massive wounds at the neck, armpit, groin, buttocks; prevention of nausea and vomiting; prevention of wound infection and lesions biological (bacterial agents); prevention of radiation injuries; circumferentially wound treatment; imposition of primary and aseptic occlusive dressings; decontamination of the site and surrounding skin areas uniforms; disinfection of individual water supplies.

Contains innovative medicines and medical devices (peliksim, gemostop et al.)

The list of medical equipment:

  • Medical dressing package individual pieces. 1
  • Individual anti-gas package STI-11 pcs. 2
  • Disinfectant "Akvatabs" 10 tablets per pack.
  • Hemostatic bandage means "Gemostop TM" sterile piece. 1
  • Hemostatic tourniquet grooved rubber with a buckle in the form of a loop "Alpha" pieces. 1

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