Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Polish Army Montain Infantry Backpack - wz. 987 MON

Plecak WZ-987
zintegrowany plecak piechoty górskiej
Plecak wz 987/MON Zasobnik piechoty górskiej
wz. 987 MON

Backpack W-987 - is made of polyester fabric
imprinted with "leopard"
water-repellent coating.
W-987 is composed of three main parts:
large backpack (basic)
small backpack
haversack forming the upper part of the cover from

In the upper part of the cover from the backpack (haversack) 2 strips are attached with clasps allow pinning np.karimaty.
Backpack bag is divided into 3 horizontal compartments: a lower opening from the outside through the bottom zipper; Two, the central opening from the outside through a transverse zipper; Two, provided with a pocket closed by a zipper, the top part of the bag drawstring.
Back backpack contains a large support system / Dimensional (S, M, L, XL, XXL), which are buttoned straps at the level appropriate for the individual user and the belt with partially detachable element that functions as a seat.

The side portions are provided with a large backpack straps for
to control the volume of pack and carry additional items. Small backpack can be attached to the front of the backpack large
by means of straps.

Bread is closed after disconnecting the 2 sets. latches. Inside there is a strap with buckle used to be worn on the waist belt to adjust to allow adjustment at the waist.

INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: approx. 86 x 30 x 29.5 capacity of 75 l + chimney
SMALL BACKPACK Dimensions: approx. 38 x 23 x 10

How to Pack this Backpack : Here 

Zasobnik Piechoty Górskiej 987/mon+ Kamizelka 988

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