Thursday, April 2, 2015

Polish Army Drop Leg IFAK - IPMed

TacMed Solutions

Apteczka IP MED indywidualny pakiet medyczny IFAK
First aid kit IPMED individual medical package IFAK

First aid kit Drop Leg Pouch or otherwise IFAK or IPMed (Indywidualny Pakiet Medyczny) (Individual Medical Package)

It can be worn on the thigh or included in the system molle vest depending on personal preference (the system used in IPMedzie allows the clasp on his thigh panel thigh, belt, vest or any other piece of equipment equipped with a system of interlaced modular belts)

  • With a simple design, we can easily unhook the belt and thigh strap fastened to the waist.
  • First aid kit is sewn permanently elastic bands and pockets term medical supplies in order.
  • Removable main panel allows you to create your own customized inserts depending on your needs.
  • The size of the DLP provides a compartment in it all the necessary things needed for first aid in tactical terms.

Examples of equipment:
  • Dressing Olaes 4
  • Dressing Olaes 6
  • Hemostatic dressing Celox Gauze
  • Stasis tactical SOFTT-W
  • Naso-pharyngeal tube of lubricant
  • Gauze rol
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Scissors rescue
  • Plaster

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