Thursday, April 16, 2015

Greek Army Hellenic Army Load Carriage System M71

Hellenic Army Load Carriage System M71
Load Carriage System M71

Greek M1971 webbing - basically, it is a cross between US M1956 and M1967 webbing
In 1998 the Ordnance Corps (MC) received new and improved Nylon Webbing M71 kits . Today most Battallions of Greek army still have such Webbing Kits .

Complete kit M71 includes:

1 x Individual Equipment Belt
Ζώνη Α/Τ

1 x Individual Equipment Belt Suspenders
Τιράντες εξάρτησης

2 x Ammunition Pouch
Φυσιγγιοθήκες (G3A3) M71

1 x Butt Pack

Σακίδιο M71

1 x Water Canteen Cover and Canteen
Θήκη υδροδοχείου
Θήκη υδροδοχείου και υδροδοχείο Μ71

1 x Entrenching Tool Cover
Θήκη Πτυοσκάπανου M71

1 x Compass Pouch

1 x Gas Mask Pouch
Θήκη και μάσκα

1 x Individual backpack campaign (optional)

All of the above except the compass housing are adjusted in dependence using sygratisis ALICE clip as:

ALICE type Belt and Suspenders Canvas
Belt and suspenders type M1956 Greek construction

Improved " H " type Suspenders M71 Set Standard Greek Army New Release

Material Polyester

DIMENSIONS: 19 x 11 x 8cm.

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