Friday, April 17, 2015

BAE Systems Low Visibility Body Armor Vest

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BAE Systems - Low Vis Body Armor Vest

Most will be a concept of PACA name. PACA, yes that is THE quintessential under vest. The standard of the FSBE II package and recons or Force Recon equally in use. However, by MARSOC and the connection to the SOCOM, the structure has changed and it fishes since 2009/2010 nor anyone else in the pond with the concealment Vests around - BAE Systems.

Already in 2009, came out a new requirement of PMICE which demanded, among other things for a new under vest. BAE Systems was awarded the contract for the new low Visability Vest Body Armor or short LVBAV (partly LBAV) and now produced this for the SOCOM / MARSOC. To what extent other manufacturers here, however, we can not answer and concentrate play a role, and thus only the BAE - LVBAV.

Externally, the LVBAV is similar unspectacular as any other Concealment Vest, only the other construction of the straps on the shoulders and the large rubber on the sides are different from the known models of PACA. It can not be re-invented the wheel well, since these LVBAV to receive the standard SPEAR soft inlays.

But behind the soft inlay still hides a flat pocket for a SAPI plate (front and rear). Thus, the LVBAV can also be used as a stand-alone carrier with a Chestrig. Although the feature have the older models of PACA, it is not clear these models have also been issued. The present models we do not have this opportunity to take a SAPI plate.

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