Saturday, April 4, 2015

Australian Army Platatac Special Projects Cool Under Tactical Shirt (CUTS)

Cool Under Tactical Shirt C.U.T.S.
Medium - R
NSN : 8420-66-158-1221


Platatac’s CUTS (Cool Under Tactical Shirt): Special Projects is the next generation in the under armour lineage of tactical uniform shirts. CUTS are specifically designed to promote cooling when using body armour in warm environments such as Afghanistan.

CUTS:SP differ greatly from a regular BDU shirt though the use of lightweight, moisture wicking fabric in areas where body armour contacts the body, such as the torso. The fabric maximises air flow and heat dissipation where it is required. Furthermore, the shoulders are constructed from 3D air mesh allowing maximum comfort when using load bearing equipment.

The sleeves are constructed from a heavier weight, ripstop fabric ensuring maximum durability. The sleeves feature upper arm pockets with Velcro pile tabs allowing the attachment of multiple IFF patches and include a webbing flap allowing the user to either hide or display an IR Square with minimal effort. The pockets also feature an additional smaller zippered pocket on top of the original pocket.


Designed to keep you cool when using Armour Carriage Systems
Body fabric Cotton / Elastene
100% Cotton Ripstop
2x Velcro Pockets on Sleeves with
Velcro Hook and Loop for Patches and IFF and;
Zippered Pockets for smaller items
Internal Velcro-in Elbow pads (Removable) with
Velcro Tabs to secure in place and eliminate movement
Airmesh Shoulders to promote cooling and enhance comfort when using packs/armour carriers
Zippered Collar
Velcro Cuffs
DPC Only

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